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Fashion.. let’s dress up!

Dress-up: Re-inventing my wardrobe

This is the kind of post that only comes about after having spent a fair few days at home just pottering about. It’s involved some fairly awkward posing and a realisation that I think I may have to start ironing my clothes (one outfit was disqualified from this post simply because it was so crinkly).


If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that we’re avid fans of Pinterest. I’ve been collecting inspiring outfit ideas for ages now, and one day opened this page full of ideas as well as my wardrobe and started to think how I could recreate what I see on screen in real life with things I ALREADY HAVE. No purchasing needed but a frugal exercise in money saving.

We all (I assume) have moments when we stand in front of a bulging wardrobe and think: I have nothing to wear. However it’s amazing what you can rustle up when you have something to be inspired by. Here’s a couple examples (enter cringey face for posing:/)


I bought these trousers couple years ago and just haven’t been able to make them work. However, I love them paired with this loose top (50p from a charity shop – love a bargain) and CONVERSE. I would have never thought about pairing them with trainers (they’re silky flimsy material). Anyway, a winner combo in my books and beyond comfortable.


I found this trench from my parents house and love it, but would only wear it with workwear or for smarter occasions. Having seen it dressed down I needed to give it ago. This is where it’s useful to be married to an ex-hipster (stuck in the early 2000′s). One of his old band t-shirts paired with black skinny jeans (ps. the most useful thing to own) and the trench is ready for casual outing.

So if you find yourself at home with nothing to do I highly recommend raiding through your wardrobe and discovering what you already own. And when there’s a need for new – this quote is a good one to remember.

Vivienne Westwood quote

- Hanna x

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Dress Up: Small Earth Vintage

Be warned: If you have a weakness for pretty vintage things look away NOW.

I remember when I was little and I thought all I need to be happy was some pink glitter jelly sandals (turns out they’re back in?),  or a Barbie, or blonde hair, or a Baby G watch, or some Doc Martins, or TV Hits Magazine, or a boyfriend… Today, all I need to be happy is one of these little numbers from Small Earth Vintage Clothing



long sleeve dream


apple skirt


Small Earth Vintage Clothing,  you could get me in an awful lot of trouble… but the kind of trouble I like!

Happy browsing, shopping, coveting.

x Celeste


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Dress Up: Blitz Party

 It looks as though I’ll be heading to the Blitz Party on Saturday in Shorditch which I’ve heard is absolutely amazing. Check out the pictures and video! So FUN! Here is hoping that I don’t get forced to dance because pretty much my dancing ability is limited to the ‘Chicken Dance’ … I do do a mean ‘Chicken Dance’. Memories of ‘The Cat’s Meow’ clearly still haunt me!

Boys are fine, they’re set, all they need is a bow tie, hat and suspenders … sorted! Unless they go for a uniform.. which is never a let down!  For the ladies it is not so simple, hence mad pinterest, google and tutorial searches have ensued.

 For some seriously sweet hair tutorials from Sunnie Brook. Now if only I could get my face to look like hers too! Serious hottie!

Make up Bake up has heaps of ideas for vintage makeup and dressing.

Now all I have to do is figure out what dress! In dream land I would get this little Bettie Page number but I am broke as back mountain so looking for lovely things I already have!


 I will have to choose one of these beauties! They will more than do.


Now I am ready to be blitzed … wait, that sounds weird.

x Celeste

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Dress Up: Mac Tinted Lip Conditioner

Mac make up has been a staple in my makeup bag since I was seventeen. My mum made the mistake of trying to help me become a woman by taking me to get makeover. I have been addicted to their eyeshadow and lip stuff ever since!

For a while now they have done this amazing tinted lip conditioner with SPF 15 that also tastes amazing. It tastes almost like a cross between vanilla wafers and a cupcake! YUM!

It is but a mere £11 to buy and you can get 3 different colours. Fuchsia fix is the best though, in my humble opinion, looking super bright in the pot but going on with the perfect amount of pink to brighten, gloss, condition and protect your lips!

Can you tell I am convinced!? My problem is remembering to actually put it on my lips rather than just eat it!

Get involved but don’t eat too much just because it tastes nice, it makes you feel sick.

I know.

- Celeste

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Dress up: Autumn boots…

For the last few mornings there has been a distinct crisp Autumn breeze in the air. There’s something bittersweet about the fresh mornings and changing season. I find that kissing goodbye to long summer days and welcoming Autumn in is so much easier when your feet are nice and warm… In honour of that I’ve rounded up some of my favourite wellington boots to brighten up those rainy Autumn days.

Hunter boots. One day I will dig deep and get myself a pair of these old time classics. You just can’t beat a classic.

Tretorn. This tennis brand does great shoes. I’ve had a pair of their trainers for years and like the look of their simple wellies too.

Hai (shark in Finnish) rubber boots were around decades ago in Finland and in the recent years they were brought back with great success. I love my pair that I’ve had for 7 years now (and they’re still going strong!)

Here’s for keeping our feet dry this Autumn!



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Dress Up: Tie Dye

One of my old boyfriends told me how disgusting he thought tie dye was and that I definitely wouldn’t fancy me if I wore it. I think that, while making me entirely livid, subconsciously I must have listened to him cause I haven’t really touched it since …

Until now baby!

Just in time for the end of the summer and during this mini heat wave I have become totally smitten with light fabric and tie dye. I am going mad for it … Look out world, if you see an entirely tie dye clad vision in front of you it’s me!

A quick little ‘Tie Dye’ search on asos brought out these beauties.

And for the mans! (the one on the right looks like he needs a hamburger maybe?)

This little number I can’t seem to stop wearing is available in the Urban Outfitters sale HERE for £10. (at least it was when I posted!)

- Celeste xx


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Dress Up: eBay all the way

The other day my friend Simon, Sarah’s Simon, had a very cool vintage western embroidered shirt. I decided that one needed to be in my life and it turns out it was found on eBay. So, after searching ‘vintage embroidered western shirt’, I accidentally won this little denim number. By accidentally I mean frivolously bidding convinced that I will be beaten. Oops. But then £4 isn’t all that much to feel guilty about. So today’s dress up suggestion, get yourselves involved in some eBay bidding, you won’t regret it. Wait, that’s a lie, it is entirely possible that you will regret it. Happy bidding!

Side note: When you are the highest bidder it says that you ‘won’ which makes it feel like it is free. I trick myself. It’s always a good feeling to win something!

p.s. Check out the cute embroidery on the collar. Swoon! 

- Celeste xx

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Dress up: Bad Hair Day saver

I have been blessed with typical scandinavian hair: fine and dull. I know, lucky me. There’s been times when I’ve grown my hair in hopes of having locks like Elle Macpherson but, needless to say, it didn’t work out quite as I imagined! But now, maybe it comes with age, I’m slowly realising that I will never have thick wavy hair but need to learn to live with what I have.

So when I stumble on a product that saves my sanity and significantly improves Bad Hair Days I get a bit preachy.

Toni and Guy’s Sea Salt Texturising Spray is my daily go to product to give a bit of volume and waves without spending hours with a blowdryer (Oh yes, I didn’t mention that I am also L.A.Z.Y when it comes to daily styling). This stuff works.

For all you fellow fine haired types (or if you’ fancy yourself some serious beachy locks) go get yourself some of this magic!


Ps. Alexa Chung makes a good (fine)hair icon! :)


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Dress Up: Red Hat No Knickers

So I go through stages where I am completely obsessed, talking like a pirate, ‘The Killing’, eating kiev’s, sparkling water, ‘The Bachelorette’, Chai tea, snickers, old lady blouses and baking.

Lasting from a few days/weeks to a lifetime obsession, i.e. Kiev aka love of my life!

My latest obsession is proving dangerously expensive.

A few weeks ago we mentioned ‘Red Hat No Knickers’ in our Friday Finds. A vintage online store full of ‘one of a kinds’ and reasonably priced… except if you buy an unreasonable amount of things!!!

And now for some show and tell!

I love the little gems I got.. and I am pretty sure I’ve eaten kiev in each of these items.

You just can’t beat kiev. Don’t judge me.

‘Howdy Mam!’ A snazzy vintage cowboy shirt.. I love it. 

Hawaiian shirt dress.

Vintage silk cut-out blouse with gold buttons. So lovely!

Vintage Summer Dress. The colour is so jolly!

A vintage, doilie, granny blouse. I am a sucker for anything that resembles a doilie!

And I am not even sure how you spell doilie! If you look carefully you can see a little pimple on my chin, so don’t look carefully.

- Celeste x


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Dress up: Scrub-a-dab

After spending the weekend lazing in the sun (and not doing any of the things I was planning on getting done) my skin felt a bit fried and dull. Exfoliation was needed desperado! However, as per usual when you need something, I was greeted by an empty exfoliator tube.

Desperate times calls desperate measures – I decided to make my own! After a bit of quality internet research and a good look in our kitchen cupboards (some of them call for the most obscure ingredients – No, we do not have Japanese rice flour lying around!) I was ready to give it a go!

So this ‘recipe’ is adapted/put together from various ones found in the magical land of the interweb. It’s really simple and takes approx. 3 minutes to make.

Exfoliator extraordinaire:

1 tbsp Honey

1/2 tbsp Olive oil

1 tsp Milk (you can just skip this if you want it to last a bit longer)

3-4 tbsp Sugar (if you want a gentler face scrub use caster sugar or for bit more heavy duty body exfoliator you could use granulated sugar- or simply whatever you got!)

Mix all the ingredients together until it forms a runny paste (adding more sugar/ oil or milk if needed).

Then just scrub your worries away! I purposefully made a small amount but if you still have some left over pop it in the fridge (just make sure you notify your housemates/family about this random jar) and use within a week.

I was so surprised that my face (and hands) felt super soft after using this concoction (much more so than some of the store bought ones I’ve used)! It’s cheep, cheerful and completely natural. No nasties in this one.

Happy showering!



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