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Found: Terry’s Harmonica.

photo 1-1

I have a real fondness for old things. Old films, books, crockery, clothing and people. Why? I think it’s because of the stories. I love being reminded of the people that have gone before and survived this thing called life. I love the thought that the dress I’m wearing has been a part of someone other ladies story and memories and now is part of my own. Romantic and cheesy? Oh yes!

All that is to offer some form of prelude to one of my favourite birthday presents.

photo 3

photo 2-1

Last year, for my birthday, I was given this Hohner Chromatic Harmonica.  Beautiful and old. I love it, not because I have managed to master the art of the lovely mouth organ, sadly, but because of the original gift tags.

photo 1

Here’s to you Terry and Jill, I hope your lives were full of love and the harmonica.




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Found: Rule Beardtannia!


Sorry about the pun, but as it’s been a big Royal week, I couldn’t resist.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about Royal babies but about beards. This one goes to all those who can grow a nice beard (or those who love these bearded chaps) and want it to keep looking and feeling nice too.

It was my husband’s birthday few weeks ago and I wanted to get him a beard oil. I’ve seen plenty of lovely American beard oils but with the postage across the Atlantic they’d end up costing an arm and a leg. So, after a bit of googlage, I came across this lovely company called Original Norfolk Beard Oil. It’s run by two friendly chaps (the service really is lovely!) who understand the difficulty of buying beard oil online. This is why they sell a small sample bottle (see the way they wrap and wax seal it above) of your chosen variety for £5, and if you like it and order a bigger bottle, they take that fiver of your order.


I went for the smokey Warrior scent as my hubs is a sucker for anything smokey. He was sceptical to start off with but is now completely hooked. The oil has made his beard much softer and makes it stay in shape (I think that makes sense if you have a beard). Converted to Beard Oil.

So if you or a bearded man in your life is in need of some beard nectar I’d highly recommend this Norfolk variety + you’re supporting a small independent business in the process.

Happy Friday!!

- Hanna

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Found: Blind Boys of Alabama ft. Justin Vernon

Oh hello! Here is a little treat for your ears.

What more could you ask for?

Blind Boys of Alabama and Justin Vernon doing a Bob Dylan cover.20130711-blindboys-x600-1373562428

This is all a bit beautiful…

sit in the sun,

drink a passionfruit cocktail


treat your ears to this beauty.

Happy heat wave Thursday!



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Found: 45wall design

It seems that I have a thing for meeting incredibly talented ladies called Tracey in Coffee shops?

I just started my new job at a sweet coffee shop in central London and amidst the espressos, double shots and business people of Farringdon I got to meet this lovely family from California. Being super nosy while clearing their cups, I asked about the awesome contents of her table and found her to be one of the coolest mums. She designed this amazing travel kit for her lovely little girl to engage in their London adventures. Each pack has it’s own logo, questions, sketchbook. I want one!

travel_kit_01 travel_kit_03-1 travel_kit_08 travel_kit_06

Tracey also runs a beaut blog and design company. Have a little gander, you’ll see pictures from their adventures in London and also the coffee shop I’m now working in!

- Celeste

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Found: Extracurricular Magazine

In celebration of ‘Good Thursday’ and Easter break here is a little publication that, coupled with some bourbon, has warmed my little heart this last week.

photo (2)

Thanks to Rohan Anderson, Whole Larder Love, instagramming I stumbled across this beautiful publication ‘for creative folk’ that comes out of New Zealand. Every thing good comes from the South Pacific.

Extracurricular magazine is a proper treat. Courtesy of the last issue I now have grande plans to make some homebrew, homemade ice blocks (if the sun ever arrives) and a little dinosaur terrarium. (!?!)

Looking forward to the next issue ‘New Beginnings’ which is timely as I am coming to the end of a long old chapter and starting a new little adventure in the next few weeks.  You can pick up past issues and the New Beginnings issue at BigCartel.


If you want to see pretty things, have good ideas and be inspired this little magazine is what you need to get your hot little hands on.  True.

They also have a sweet blog chockas with beautiful things, ideas and artists.

Thank you New Zealand for making something so special that we get to enjoy!

- Celeste 



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Found Things: Songs for the middle of the week…

Wednesday, it’s that time of the week that the fun and relaxation of last weekend feels like a distant memory and this coming weekend feels an age away. Also, I have been reliably informed from someone at BBC radio Berkshire that, apparently, you feel your ugliest at 3.20pm on a Wednesday? 

But here are some sweet songs and pretty videos for the last hump/ugly day in March!

Julia Holter – In the Same Room

Lord Huron – She Lit A Fire (From the album Lonesome Dreams)

Samuel Lane‘s new album ‘The Fire’ 

the fire

Fleet Foxes – The Shrine/Argument

Featuring beautiful illustrations from Stacey Rozich.

Happy hump/ugly day and it’s nearly Thursday which means it’s nearly the weekend! Hot Dang!

xx Celeste

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Found: Moleskine postal notes

Do you remember when you used to play that story telling game in school? The one where you would each say a line in the story? The one where the boys always used to say ‘And then she died’? Well, I think this is a really cute way to write a story with someone lovely that you know. You can write a little bit and pop it in the post. They can write a little bit and pop it in the post.


You can just send someone a notebook full a snazzy thoughts, pictures and bits and pieces just because you can. Thank you Moleskine


- Celeste

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Found: Chemex Coffee Maker


… The title for this post should really be GOT instead of Found as it was one of my Christmas presents. And it just keeps on giving – every morning! It’s no secret that I love my coffee and my mornings just wouldn’t be the same without a big mugful of this fine nectar. So outbursts of pure joy were witnessed when I unraveled a shiny Chemex Coffee Maker on Christmas day!


It really is a simple pot where you pour hot water over your coffee, but the secret (if I have my info right) is in the triple filters that give you a smooth scum-free cuppa. It was designed by a scientist on a search for a way to make a good cup of coffee and Chemex is what he came up with.

It’s good design and function all in one! And I’m a big fan of good design.


Ps. Top tip! If you’re thinking of purchasing a Chemex, make sure to shop around the interweb as the prices seem to range from £30 to £100 on different sites.. crazy.

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Found: Gretel Girl

The other day I pottered into Gertrude street for coffee with two new and lovely friends Laura (maker of a very lovely nook for me in their home) and Chris (hilarious fan of Derek – my dinosaur). We planted our selves on the window seat in a spiffy cafe, our legs hanging over the sill/seat while we were served flat whites and savoury feta, ham and tomato muffins.. DELISH!

Being ‘magpie like’ I was distracted from our conversations of life, love and coffee by our view from the window sill/seat. Cute street art, a ginger man with chin straps and his little asian fiance having photo’s together on said street art and a beautifully dressed lady drinking her coffee and drawing a gorgeous fox illustration. I had a feeling that the fox drawer had a kind disposition so pottered over to ask her who she was and what she does.

Meet Tracey, from Adelaide,who was in Melbourne for an art/craft fair. She is an artist and runs a business from her art called Gretel Girl. She draws beautifully detailed illustrations and also transfers them on to ceramics and wood blocks PLUS she is super friendly and pretty! She also seemed to think similarly to us ‘Foxes’ about living  life generously with art and creativity and making tracks!

She and her husband sound pretty awesome too, she has decided to do what she loves, her art, for a living and her husband is studying. Doing what they want and what they love setting an example for their kids that money isn’t everything if you get to do what you love! That is pretty cool! 

So check out beautiful Gretel Girl, like her on facebook and buy some of her gorgeous work! If you’re in Sydney you can find her yourself at Finders Keepers Dec 8th and 9th! 

This one is my favourite! ‘Not on my watch!’

- Celeste 

p.s. all images nicked from her facebook!



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Found: Izola presents for the mans…

As we near the most wonderful time of the year  we start thinking … presents!

The Men/boys tend to be the hardest of all to buy for. You either have to go really expensive or jokey.

My favourite presents I have got for the boys are:

1. A new pipe kit. Pipe, pipe cleaning and packing tool, tobacco

2. A hipflask (full of something tasty)

3. An old man kit. Slippers, handkerchiefs and old school shaving kit.

That is until I stumbled across this beautiful website.

Men in my life look away now, this is all you are getting for christmas! (If I get you anything at all..)

Izola makes some things that are so very beautiful, I would be happy if they would all be in my life and my house.

For the drunken men in your life…

‘Three sheets to the wind’And maybe they need to get some ‘stones’?

Whiskey stones!

These coasters have fun facts, stories, cocktail recipes or drinking games on the back! Win!

For the hygiene challenged men in your life…

We have the Scouts shower curtain in our home.

A subtle but lovely hint?

This is also punny… my favourite! And if they are really stinky … they may need three?

Happy christmas shopping!!

- Celeste


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